Industrial deodorant and anti-dust treatment. Professional protection against odours and dust from technological processes.
Industrial deodorant eliminates odours in landfills, dumps, and on industrial sites. Dust treatment of concrete and concrete floors, up to 90% dust protection.



A pungent, unpleasant odour is a pressing problem in dumps and landfills today. These areas are among the most difficult in terms of containing small waste (PVC bags, etc.) and combating odours. Municipal waste is sent to landfills for biological treatment, which is one more cause of the odours.

What components cause the odour in landfills?

Hydrogen sulphide and ammonia emissions have a negative impact on human health and the environment. Until relatively recently, the only method of managing landfill odours was to place landfills far from populated areas, which did not always facilitate efficient logistics. However, this method did not reduce adverse environmental and ecological impacts. Today, effective technologies have been developed for eliminating landfill odours and reducing negative environmental impacts. Industrial deodorant performs precisely these functions.



ASS P.I.R.A. is a self-contained mobile method for high-pressure distribution of a mixture of chemicals (Airborne 10) and water.

The operating principle of Airborne 10 is SURFACTANT INDUCED ABSORPTION TECHNOLOGY (S.I.A.T.). Airborne 10 is a chemical designed to eliminate unpleasant odours in landfills and dumps. Through surfactant action, water is able to absorb the gas odour and capture it in water droplets as a dissolved substance. This results in an increase in the weight of water droplets, which promotes uniform covering and ensures that droplets mixed with fumes settle on the ground, where they can later biodissolve without harming the environment.

As industrial deodorant absorbs fine particles, it can also be used effectively in dusty areas where water droplets absorb fine dust particles, reducing the dust content on the site.

The Airborne 10 / water mixture actually absorbs the odour gases and fumes in the air, so this method ensures that odours are not just covered or “masked” by chemicals.

Since the machine is equipped with a standalone generator, it can be freely transported and used on sites without access to electricity, although jobs with longer execution time may also require a power supply.

Different nozzle types ensure even coverage of any site by adjusting the pressure and droplet size.

Industrial deodorant is used for treating:



production and industrial facilities with high odor emissions;

production and industrial facilities with high dust content.

Advantages of industrial deodorant:

reduces evaporated odors and gases by up to 90%;

reduces dust levels by up to 90%;

an environmentally friendly method.

Dust Control Treatment

Concrete has become widely used in construction due to its strength, reliability, and high operational characteristics. However, it has a downside – dust, which forms on the concrete surface. Cement dust causes a lot of inconvenience, hinders the normal use of the premises, and has a negative impact on human health.

Anti-dust treatment of concrete and cement surfaces

Anti-dust treatment of concrete and cement surfaces prevents the formation of dust and reduces dust volumes by up to 90%.

From us you can order anti-dust treatment of cement surfaces, as well as any types of concrete surfaces.